Artist Bio

LORETTA McCLELLAN: A San Francisco Bay Area native, born and raised, who has called Downeast Maine her home and inspiration for over 20 years, Loretta McClellan discovered at an early age that creating something is synonymous with joy.

Her education in Fine Art began in elementary school, when her third grade teacher counseled that certain color combinations were not advised. The instruction felt entirely contrary to Loretta’s essence as an emerging creative, introducing her to a lifelong and authentic, celebratory dance with color.

In high school it was her privilege to study with Bob Capitolo and George Matulich, who taught her that artists don’t make mistakes, and crafting a solid skillset that she would carry with her throughout her life. It was in high school that Loretta also forged abiding connections with the works of Georgia O’Keeffe and Andrew Wyeth, both equally influencing her in iconic focal points and nature as a recurring theme.

During her first year in college Loretta began working professionally as a graphic designer. She trained in college courses in small metal sculpture/jewelry design, and watercolor with Pacific Rim influencer, Wylie Swapp, reminding her of the simplicity and beauty of the medium, furthering deeper reflection as an artist.

Founder, Owner and Principal, Loretta McClellan, has served in marcom executive management in both business and nonprofit sectors, including Health Care, Real Estate, and the Arts. Loretta has won several arts awards for Fine Art, Graphic Design, and Lyrics Composition; has a degree in Fine Art, Studio Practice; and received grant proposal writing certification. She works primarily in watercolor, with acrylic and other media as inspired, previously including small metal sculpture/jewelry design and metalsmithing, wood carving, stained glass design, fiber and textile art, and the traditional Japanese indigo dye-resist art of Shibori.

Loretta is an artist, graphic designer, and six-time author of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction (writing as Loretta Boyer McClellan); a lyricist; meditation instructor; amateur musician; and journalist of several published works.  Loretta leads McClellan Creative in contributing to the beauty of observation, expression, and connection.

McClellan Creative Owner, Founder & Principal, Loretta McClellan

STEVE McCLELLAN: Raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Steve’s early, as well as life-long influences in design and creativity come from exploration and the outdoors. In his early 20s he learned the artisanal clarity of working with glass, including the skillful art of hand beveling, a refining art that has stayed with him, even as he pioneered Virtual Reality (VR) as a patent holder, RFID, and Distance/Remote Learning in Silicon Valley through Hardware and Software Engineering, as well as Prototyping and Fabrication. Steve blends the future with the past in all his visionary pursuits.

Glass Artist and Fabrication Manager, Steve McClellan

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