Artist Statement

Loretta McClellan. Photo Credit: Frank Leonard.

Creating fine art is about an interconnection with the subject—not just aesthetically, but on a spiritual plane.  A meditative process of refinement, fine art in particular fuses what appeals to me on a conscious level, with learning a deeper truth about myself—an ever-evolving, ever-inward opportunity to dig a little deeper into rediscovering my true nature.  The subject usually comes with a lasting and vital message for me.   Always reflective and insightful, the process is also profoundly inspirational.  The Creative Experience never ceases to amaze me with its wonders and guidance, an effervescent dance of pure joy! Loretta McClellan

Loretta McClellan, as Principal, leads McClellan Creative in contributing for nonprofits, startups, and conscious corporations in design, brand, and marcom media since 1992.  An award-winning artist, an Arts instructor, five-time author, poet, and journalist of several published works, Loretta serves clients and impassioned art collectors in the L.A. Metro area and worldwide. Visit the About, Artist Bio, Artist Statement, Gallery, Words, Images, and Contact pages for more information.


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