Center with the Arts™

"Morning Meditation," 14"x14" watercolor on cold press paper; ©2014 Loretta McClellan, all rights reserved.
“Morning Meditation” ©2014 Loretta McClellan

Center with the Arts™ is a place where we center ourselves with the Arts—with the meditative and creative, moment by mindful moment. Through practice we reconnect, with ourselves, with peace, healing and equanimity, and with the beauty of expression. Led by Artist, Author, Poet and Founder of McClellan Creative, Loretta McClellan, Center with the Arts™ offers a harmonious learning environment and relaxed, warm teaching style that facilitates the educational needs unique to the individual in an inclusive, collective setting.

"Nautilus"©1988 Loretta McClellan
“Nautilus” ©1988 Loretta McClellan

Traditional fine art instruction and practice classes, writer’s and poet’s workshops infused with mindful elements, as well as meditational events such as watercolor mandalas, are available at select locations and via Skype. Please contact Loretta for interest, locations, scheduling and materials lists.

Loretta McClellan has engaged students of all ages in creative learning opportunities for over 25 years. Her teaching methods are a synergistic blend of formal art education and practice, private art instruction, holistic and meditational education and daily practice, and volunteering in K–8 schools across the U.S. as an adjunct art teacher.

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