Book Cover Design

“Gorgeous, Loretta, with attractive branding and great illustrations”
—Joel Friedlander, The Book Designer, e-Book Cover Design Awards for Misthaven of Maine cover design

Book Cover Design ©2014 Loretta McClellan
Book Cover Design ©2014 Loretta McClellan

The cover design for Misthaven of Maine, Misthaven of Maine: Journey to Beyond, and Dodging Raindrops: Poems and Prose of Beauty, Peace and Healing were created with original watercolor paintings/illustrations and logo/brand design by Loretta McClellan.

The cover for Orrleth was created using design layout and logo/brand design by Loretta McClellan; 3-D illustration of “Myeu’s Circlet” designed by Steven McClellan; as well as background and foreground textures of: “Texture 14,” “Texture 22,” “Texture 156” and “Texture 462” by, used with permission; “Grunge-textures/4/x18.jpg.pagespeed.ic.KMFbbHyUuH.jpg” by, used with permission; and purchased stock photography of “Mountain Cook New Zealand” by Vichaya Kiatying Angsulee of, used with permission.

For information on book cover design and typography, read Loretta’s article, “Book Cover Design 101.”