Collateral Design

“Dear Loretta: Thank you very much for the high quality work you produced for the Downeast Heritage Museum under very rigid budgetary and time limitations.  ‘On time and under budget’ is highly valued business performance standard and your services superbly met the test. 

“Price and quality are important, but not the only project characteristics appreciated here.  We found you listened to our vision, appreciated even subtle items about our Museum’s personality, communicated your needs clearly, then produced products reflecting every nuance, every theme most accurately. 

“Our goal was to see the Museum’s website, brochures and presentation folder repeat the feeling of the building and it’s [sic] exhibits.  A member of our board said it well: ‘The website and collateral materials should look like they were designed by the same person who built the building.’  You listened and you made it happen in an artful, engaging, effective way!

“Again thank you for your excellent work.  We look forward to collaborating with you on future projects and to recommending you to others without reservation.”
—Jim Thompson, Executive Director, Downeast Heritage Museum

Collateral Design © 2014 McClellan Creative
Collateral Design © 2014 McClellan Creative

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