Non-objective Connection

“Connection,” ©2022 Loretta McClellan; all rights reserved.

Detail of my award-winning, non-objective acrylic on masonite painting, 28″x36″, “Connection,” a style, analogous color palette and medium that challenged me greatly, but oh HOW I LIVED in the process!

The difference between Non-objective and Abstract is there is no subject matter in Non-objective as there is in Abstract.

In addition to being a writer and six-time author (, Loretta is a formally-trained artist in Maine with a degree in Art who studied in California, Hawaii and Japan. She has taught Art professionally for all ages, as well as as a volunteer in K-8 schools. For more info visit, and

Painting, “Connection,” ©2022 Loretta McClellan; all rights reserved.

Kind Words

Gratitude for kind words, such as this stellar review from Dianne Tilton, former Executive Director for the Sunrise County Economic Council, for original watercolors I created envisioning best use for properties in Washington County Maine. Positivity is alive and well, Downeast!

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